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3/5/23:  Registration for the Spring Junior Tennis session in now available; click here to register and learn more!

2/19/23:  Tennis is a lifetime sport!  We have many 80+ yr olds playing here at our facility.  Meet 2 of them and read more about their tennis journeys:

Patti Kondziolka - 88 yrs old - click here

David Smith - 87 yrs old - click here

2/13/23:  We now have an online store to purchase cool PublicIndoorTennis.com apparel! 

Feel free to browse our online store here at this link.  We have samples of sizes at our front desk, and orders placed will be received in 2-3 weeks.  From now through March 31st, $5 per item sold will be donated to charity.


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Court Rates (Updated 9/1)

  • Labor Day - Memorial Day (winter)
  • $36/hr ($34/hr online) Singles or Doubles
  • Weekday Daytime Rate Before 3:30pm: $30/hr
  • Weekday Night Rate After 9:00pm: $30/hr
  • Memorial Day - Labor Day (summer)
  • $30/hr Singles or Doubles

No memberships necessary to book courts!  Players can book courts up to 96 hours in advance.

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Adult Tennis

Whether you're just beginning or you're an experienced player. We have a program that will fit your skill level. No memberships required to register!

Adult Tennis

Junior Tennis

We offer classes for kids of any ability level ranging in age from 6 - 18 years old. No memberships required to register!

Junior Programs


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